Tight integration with the client allows us to bring products to the market quickly in the most cost-effective manner. Innovation is key to GinnDesign’s development process. We discover unmet needs while creating new and better product features that are essential to differentiating products in today’s competitive market.

GinnDesign has extensive experience in developing the complete physical enclosure design and assembly methodology for many types of products. Typically the client develops the core technology and we create the industrial design and engineering for the overall system packaging through tooling release and early production. We also develop complete products where the internal technology is already resolved and industrial design is the differentiating factor.

Often our clients view us as extensions of their in-house resources and there are many ways GinnDesign can work with your organization:

• Collaboration with in-house designers and engineers to lend a fresh perspective
• Liaison between the client and vendors and suppliers
• Industrial design and product styling
• Developing product concepts
• Materials and manufacturing consulting
• Vendor identification and qualification
• Part/product review and analysis
• Detailing parts and assemblies
• Plastic and metal piece-part design
• Preparing the final production database


Materials and Processes

We specialize in design for low-to-medium volume production where the materials and manufacturing processes can be more challenging. A typical project might involve lower production quantities, functional or material constraints or large physical size and/or complexity that make traditional injection molding prohibitively expensive, complex or time consuming. There are many alternatives available that can meet your challenge; the key is knowing someone who has experience working with these alternative processes.

Manufacturing Processes:
• Rapid Injection Molding
• Low-Pressure Structural Foam
• Extrusion
• Blow Molding
• Rotational Molding
• Thermoforming
• Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
• Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
• SMC and BMC
• Casting (Metal and Urethane)
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Tubing Fabrication
• Metal Stamping, Forming and Weldments
• Rapid Prototyping
• Custom Plastic and Metal Machining and Fabrication
• Assembly and Finishing Processes


The Deliverables…

Typical deliverables can include complete production 3D databases developed in Pro/Engineer or SolidWorks. In addition to 3D part and assembly files, the final package typically includes completely detailed and toleranced 2D production drawings, bill of materials and additional product specifications and documentation. Large volumes of work can be produced professionally, efficiently, on schedule, within budget and always with careful attention to detail.

Additional deliverables can include:
• product graphics files
• detailed illustrations for presentations
• production assembly diagrams
• patent drawings
• product user manuals
• color renderings for use in sales brochures