Case Study: Pool and Spa Chlorinator

Pulsar 1 Chlorinator
Arch Water Chemicals

(Note: This project was completed by Warren Ginn while an employee of Integrated Design Systems. Visit for more information.)

As a later addition to the family of Arch Chemical products, the Pulsar 1 Commercial Pool & Spa Water Sanitation System feeds sanitizing chlorine in the form of calcium hypochlorite within an independent loop of the water circulation system. While other products in the Pulsar family (Pulsar 4 and Pulsar 3) are intended to sanitize larger volumes of water, the Pulsar 1 is specifically designed for use on smaller pools, spas and fountains from 500 gallons to 50,000 gallons.

The feeder’s hopper is loaded with 27lbs of calcium hypochlorite briquettes where they are sprayed with water. The resulting solution drains into the base where it is drawn out through a float valve and introduced into the circulation system. In addition to being lightweight and easy to use, the system is designed to be low-maintenance and self-cleaning.

This product is constructed with injection molded polypropylene components and assembles using snap-fits. An integral hinge molded into the lid incorporates a snap-in features that assembles the lid to the upper stage without fasteners or tools.

The compact and elegant form for this feeder was so successful that is was also used for two of Arch’s sister brands. Follow-up projects included modifying the internal configuration to accommodate refillable cartridges for their proprietary chlorine tablets.

Contributions to Project:

• Concept Development
• Industrial Design
• Plastic Piece-Part Design
• Pro/Engineer Database Development
• Complete Production Documentation
• Product Graphics
• Project/Client Management